Dr Kristopher Lundine


Orthopedic Surgeon & Spine Specialist

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Dr Kris Lundine was born and raised in Western Canada on Vancouver Island. He attended the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy before attending Queen's University in Kinston, ON, Canada to study Life Sciences. He went on to complete medical school in 2003 at the University of Calgary, Canada completing Orthopedic Surgical training and being awarded Fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in 2009.

Kris undertook sub-specialty training in Adult and Paediatric Spine Surgery in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2012.

Kris and his Australian wife, Michelle, relocated back to Melbourne in 2013 where Kris had public appointments at the Dandenong and Austin Hospitals. He was awarded Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in July 2015. In October 2015, he joined the Paediatric Spine team at the Royal Children's Hospital and continuing his public Adult Spine practice at the Austin Hospital.

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